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My 4x4 Off-Road Racing Pics!

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2015-11-02 15:19:32

Doing 130 miles an hour through the desert - rocks, silt, blind crests, suspension collapsing jumps and holes.

thrandurFord - Mexico - Racing - thrandur

2015-07-12 16:32:38

Bryce Menzies in his trophy truck pre-runner in Baja - off-road. The tough terrain includes rocky trails and beautiful beaches, dry and dusty lake beds and more.

thrandurBuggy - Chile - Racing - thrandur

2015-01-06 06:59:37

Gordons hope is that Americans who until now have not been exposed to the great race will begin to understand what it takes to compete and gain their appreciation.

thrandurFord - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-12-20 12:23:13

Some sweet trucks at the Top Truck Challenge. Competitors anxiously await—or dread. The Tank Trap is a quarter-mile-long course designed to force each competitor to fight for every inch of forward progress.

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-12-09 10:38:13

Trying their skills up Showtime Hill - and reaching for the $1000 bounty. Worse when all hell breaks loose!

thrandurFord - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-11-12 15:33:54

Scenes from the tow test and frame twister. Towing a 5 ton 6x6 military truck up a slope and then twisting trough a challenge track :)

thrandur - Poland - Racing - thrandur

2014-10-15 05:10:48

Looks like they had some fun :)

thrandurJeep - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-10-03 14:55:47

No Doors, No seat belts, No windshield, No Downshift! Getting the LSX Willys up to 180MP - Dont try this at home :)

thrandurBuggy - Mexico - Racing - thrandur

2014-09-17 21:54:46

Short (viral) action film from Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000 and the Ballistic BJ Baldwin. BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck tears through this beautiful Mexican city.

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-09-09 08:51:15

1st Chapter of "Element of Survival" The 2014 King of The Hammers Movie.

thrandurBuggy - Sweden - Racing - thrandur

2014-08-27 08:35:52

Insane scenes from the Formula Offroad season in Norway and Sweden.
Would you like to see something like this in the US?

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-08-22 16:06:18

This will be exciting to see: - The Road to Finke is the first documentary to tell the story of trophy truck racing and profiles the rapidly growing off road racing scene from the perspective of one of its most successful drivers as he prepares for the infamous Finke Desert Race.

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-08-19 06:42:59

Offroad action scenes from day one at the FIA/NEZ Formula Offroad 2014 race at Akureyri, Iceland.

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-07-26 07:26:38

Impressive stunts and rollover action from the Formula Offraod race in Bolalda Iceland 2014. Held by TKS.

thrandurBuggy - Norway - Racing - thrandur

2014-07-06 03:05:51

Cool action compilation from the last season in Scandinavia and Iceland with matching music Levitate by Hadouke.

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-06-30 06:55:41

Amazing Formula Offroad racing at Egilsstadir in Iceland.
Can it get more exciting :)

thrandurFord - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-06-02 18:08:35

Bubbi driving his 1200+ HP Bronco ON the river :)

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-26 09:23:25

Highlights from the May 25th 2014 Formula Offroad race in Bolalda Iceland.

thrandurBuggy - Sweden - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-22 08:33:45

From the Formula Offroad Sweden race. Only one driver actually made it all the way - Tukka and Race Linda!
Thanks to Bjørn Michaelsen, NEXT HERO :)

thrandurFord - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-19 10:55:46

Bubbi driving the Formula Offroad truck Katla at the Formula Offroad race in Hella Iceland 2014.
Winning the BEST of SHOW for the amazing river crossing where he drives 1000 ft or 300 meters ON the water.
Finishing overall in 3rd place is great - especially considering he missed 2 tracks out of 6.

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-18 10:58:10

Extreme Formula Offroad action from the 2014 race at Hella in Iceland.
Rollovers and great saves as well as river by driving on water and mudding Icelandic style!

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-15 12:39:20

This is one of the competitors in this weekends Formula Offroad race in Hella Iceland.

thrandurBuggy - Sweden - Racing - thrandur

2014-05-06 16:56:23

Will Arne Johannesen roll over in this situation?
From the Formula Offroad race in Balsta Sweden 2014.

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-04-29 09:53:45

Raw footage from a chasing helicopter :)

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-04-26 03:09:25

Really sweet video from the Vegas To Reno racing 2013 in a Trophy Truck :)

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-04-23 11:11:18

Toughest racers take on the biggest rocks, deepest mud pits and steepest hills.

thrandurSuzuki - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-03-30 02:28:09

Juiced up Suzuki Sidekick getting up the Backdoor pass...
... and making it look like nothing :)

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-03-26 14:59:19

Trailer for 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire Movie Released.
JOHNSON VALLEY, CA - March 26th, 2014 - Hammerking Productions in conjunction with HeavyMetalConcepts released the trailer for the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire movie titled, "Element of Survival" today. The race, which is already known as the "toughest one-day off-road race on the planet" proved exceptionally brutal in 2014 with only 32 of the 158 teams finishing in time. The title is a reference to the tenacity of those drivers that were able to finish, including this year's winner, Loren Healy, who overcame multiple obstacles to claim his 2nd KOH victory to date.
The movie will document the week-long off-road racing event held every February in Johnson Valley, CA. 2014 marked the 7th year for the race which featured more than 400 teams and 40,000 spectators competing in over 5 days of racing. The movie will also include highlights from the King of the Motos presented by Trail Tech, King Shocks Shootout, 4 Wheel Parts Qualifying Days, KOH UTV race, and the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge.
"Element of Survival" is a joint production between the creators of the Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire, Hammerking Productions, and media production company, HeavyMetalConcepts. Executive Director, Dave Cole had this to say about the movie, "2014 was our biggest and most successful event to date, and I can't wait to see that reflected in "Element of Survival." I'm excited to see the amazing raw footage edited into what will be our best movie to date."

thrandurBuggy - Iceland - Racing - thrandur

2014-03-18 02:17:20

Some great clips from the year 2002. A couple of close calls. :)

thrandurBuggy - United States - Racing - thrandur

2014-03-17 12:08:46

Clip from the 2009 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Surprise, AZ. A couple of contacts between 2 trucks turns into an all out brawl: not only for position but to stay on all 4 wheels. Jerry Whelchel drives right over Greg Adler in their 2 wheel drive short course off road racing trucks.
Not exactly good sportsmanship?