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My 4x4 Off-Road 6x6 Pics!

thrandurPinzgauer - United Kingdom - 6x6 - thrandur

2015-07-02 03:34:53

Love it?

thrandurToyota - Iceland - 6x6 - thrandur

2014-06-16 10:52:55

Arctic Trucks know a thing or two when it comes to lifting and modifying trucks. Here is the transformation from a bare bones Hilux to a 6x6 ready for the South Pole!

thrandurPinzgauer - Germany - 6x6 - thrandur

2014-01-18 02:15:23

Nice compilation...

thrandurPinzgauer - United Kingdom - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-28 06:14:21

What do you do after you have worked at McLaren as a Senior Manager on the what is still regarded as the world's best and the world's fastest production car? Here is the answer...

thrandurLand Rover - United Kingdom - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-24 11:12:22

A day out at Ash 4x4 training centre on the Hawkstone Estate, putting a Pinzgauer 718 from Shropshire Gunbus and a 1972 Land Rover Series III 88" through their paces.

thrandurToyota - - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-19 15:39:09

Arctic Trucks Driver, Eyjolfur Teitsson explains how driving Ice Broker in Antarctica for the Willis Resilience Expedition is no easy feat, as he tackles driving across fields of sastrugi - wind-blown ice formations on the ground.

thrandurChevrolet - United States - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-14 11:50:55

Military 6x6 duece and a half gets stuck bad...

thrandurMercedes Benz - - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-05 10:20:00

For those with DEEP pockets :)

thrandurToyota - Iceland - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-04 23:35:34

The only 6x6 Toyota Hilux street legal on 44" tires.

thrandurMitsubishi - Russia - 6x6 - thrandur

2013-12-03 12:05:34

Check out this snow wheeling van :)